Thursday, 8 January 2009

Coming 'round the mountains

hello Helen,
finally managed to 'upload' an image.
This was the first small painting I did with your 'natural dye inks' and trust it will encourage others to use them !
I believe you said it was my thoughts on 'primary coloured inks' that stimulated your research - development - and production of the inks.
By the way, I need more.
See you next week,


Helen said...

Hi David congratulations on the picture- it is so vibrant and gorgeous. Thanks for posting . You are quite right your comments on wanting inks really started me off on my journey to make them ! Thanks

twisted sister said...

How I love those colours !

Star said...

Lovely colours in this painting!
Blessings, Star

Jasmine said...

The colours are vibrant. Love it !

Robin Paris said...

What an inspiration to start trying my (I mean Helen's) inks...