Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Pictures by Drusilla Cole

I have been selling my inks steadily and begging, pleading and encouraging buyers to send me a picture to put on the blog.. Finally Drusilla Cole who did these two pictures consented to allow me to put them up her. If you would like to know more about Drusilla -author of fabulous books about patterns and textiles you can find her here


Jasmine said...

Beautiful pictures. Natural materials look s amazingly beautiful. I've bee experimenting with dying wool in blackberries and nettles etc. When my Gaywool dyes run out I don't think I will replace them.

I'm interested to know how to make my own paints using natural and environmentally friendly ingredients. (or maybe learn where to buy some) Oils feel so toxic, yet I love using them. Do you have any suggestions?

Martine said...

Helen this is a great idee. Can i use these inks as watercolor or are they more thick as acryl? There is'nt much ecoprinting in winter so i might as well take up painting again.
I love that leave you painted.

Helen said...

Hi Martine and Justine my inks are similar to watercolours and in fact Dru says they mix well with water colour. If you are interested in buying them you can buy them on my website :)
They are based on the medieval calligraphy inks and once I had got the hang of them I invented my own range but you can paint with natural dyes-just make very concentrated dye baths and experiment.

dorie said...

Hi Helen, this is interesting! I just did an snow-dye experiment with leftovers from my dyebaths. Unfortunately it didn't work, because the dye wasn't concentrated enough and I forgot to drain out the smelted snow. I was wondering can I use inks for silk, wool and cotton or do I need the natural dyes. I like to order some of yours, so maybe you can help me with this. THanks, Dorie